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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tips For Buying Restaurant Equipment

If you’re in the market for restaurant-grade equipment, then chances are you know prices don’t come cheap. Kitchen equipment may cost thousands of dollars and be a sizable, long term investment—remember that your purchasing decisions now will determine what equipment you still utilize in your restaurant many years to come. Here are 5 quick tips to better prepare for making the right purchasing decisions:

Research According to Your Needs: 

So you’ve found great kitchen equipment at what seems to be a good price.  You may be tempted to make a purchase right then and there, but first ask yourself—“Do I need it?” Think about the capacity limitations of your kitchen environment, as well as if the unit you are considering can perform various functions to better minimize future costs.

Stay Away From Residential-Grade Equipment:

There is a reason why health departments only want commercial grade equipment used in commercial kitchens—and that is because the equipment is simply made better. Compared to residential grade equipment, commercial-grade means higher quality, easier to clean, and lasting durability. If you have some wiggle room in your budget, give commercial-grade equipment a high budget priority.

Purchase New Equipment:

Resist the urge to lowball an offer for cheaper, used kitchen equipment. Used equipment components are already subject to wear and tear, and may end up costing more if faulty components require replacing. Additionally, purchasing new equipment comes with a warranty to guarantee a predictable time period of component support. There is nothing worse than spending a large amount of money on a defective item, so make sure your initial purchase is worth it.

Create A Budget That Makes Sense:

While it may be tempting to buy the most expensive, highest quality piece of equipment available, it also makes sense to stick to a realistic budget plan. Don’t overspend and regret not being able to buy the equipment necessities.

Check Warranty Information:

Make sure to understand what is covered in an included warranty. Knowing the details of a product’s warranty may be the tipping point that favors one brand of equipment over another. Be wary of manufacturers that offer cheap equipment, but have bad reputations when it comes to honoring the warranty. Do your research and make sure a manufacturer brand can be trusted before handing them the up-front cash

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