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Friday, September 11, 2015

Should I Know Restaurant Equipment Make and Model?

You’re in the market for a new piece of equipment, but perhaps you are unsure of how to wade through the various part names and labels. We help many people looking for the right equipment parts, and the first thing we ask for is the make and model number of the equipment that needs new parts. Without those two pieces of information, finding the right part becomes much more difficult.

Can you make out the difference between these two safety pilot valves?

GR-111 Safety Pilot Valve - 3/8" Pipe

GR-112 Safety Pilot Valve - 1/2" Pipe

They look very similar, but they are completely separate parts. When browsing for parts online, a high percentage of items cannot be identified by the way they look. Small differences in hidden mechanisms, electronics, or even size can make a part incompatible with your equipment.

Another fact to keep in mind is date of manufacture. Restaurant equipment goes through various revisions over the years, so a part made for a newer equipment version may not necessarily be the right fit for an older model. Always check the manufacturer’s documentation to determine if a specific part is backwards compatible.

Buying an incompatible equipment part can be frustrating for both suppliers and customers. When equipment malfunctions cause vital pieces of equipment to fail, restaurant owners want to fix the problem ASAP. When a part is found out to be incorrect, extra time must be spent to facilitate the return process, and then go out and find the correct part all over again.

Thankfully, there is an easy way to avoid that type of mess. Identify the location on your equipment that displays the model number, and make sure any replacement part is compatible with that model number. Parts Depot always works to find you the correct part the first time around, so your equipment can get back up and running like it used to.

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